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You Tube won’t fold under Viacom Pressure March 14, 2007

Posted by isthatwacked in Editorial.

A good article in Business Week discussing Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube (Google) for copyright infringement on intellectual property that belongs to Viacom.

From the article. “Viacom (VIA) maintains that a service is responsible for copyright violations committed by its users. In the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York, Viacom argues that YouTube is responsible because its business is designed around the illegal activity. “YouTube has built an infringement-driven business by exploiting the popularity of Plaintiff’s copyrighted works (and the works of other copyright owners) to draw millions of users to its website,” reads the suit.”

It’s interesting that these old school established media barons want to pick fights like this one. Sumner Redstone might be in for quite the fight because Google is not Napster and will not lay down and die with YouTube. Google’s position is strong as they fight this and they have been more than willing to recognize there is an issue with copyright infringement with some of it’s uploads. They have removed over 100,000 offending videos and continue to do so. What Viacom’s problem is they are not willing to embrace the changes that this new media channel brings. Other content producers have, like NBC and CBS with agreements with YouTube to create exclusive channels.

Good luck……Google is sitting on $11 billion in cash and has $220 million in escrow from the purchase of YouTube for this fight.



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