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Well Known Blogger Receives Death Threats March 26, 2007

Posted by isthatwacked in Editorial.

Kathy Sierra, a well-known blogger and author of books on Web design and programming has received numerous death threats on her blog “Creating Passionate Users” , these threats we not limited to her blog but also appeared on other blogs. Kathy has cancelled her speaking engagement at the ETech conference.

Sierra has accused some of her fellow bloggers of conducting this campaign of terror against her. Police are also investigating.
I won’t post the details of the threats here but they can be seen on Kathy’s blog.

It seems that some high profile bloggers are facing a new reality of threats and homegrown terror that hides behind the computer screen. As we have felt a sense of anonymity with our writings this brings it close to home that the virtual world can easily spill over into the real world and that’s a scary place for Kathy Sierra right now.

Please support Kathy Sierra during this time since what she is facing real, serious and I am sure terrifying for her.



1. Markk008 - March 28, 2007

Yes, we all should support Kathy Sierra and pray for her safety.

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