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Google offers High Speed Broadband – via the toilet? April 1, 2007

Posted by isthatwacked in Editorial.

All of those free Google Services and now the ultimate, with TiSP; Google’s new Toilet WiFi service.

Why should I switch to Google TiSP?

  • It’s fast. In our testing, TiSP delivers a 10x higher flow rate than basic DSL.
  • It’s FREE. No more paying hundreds of dollars a year for Internet service that doesn’t even necessarily extend to your bathroom!
  • It’s good for you. Your FREE TiSP service includes a Google Toolbar-based analysis of your dietary habits and genetic predispositions, along with recommendations for healthier living.

You can upgrade to the “Royal Flush Service” for only $24.95/mo.

“Actual speeds will vary, depending on network traffic and sewer line conditions. Users with low-flow toilets may simultaneously experience a saving-the-environment glow and slower-data-speed blues”

April 1 is well known for various pranks. Good one by Google!

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1. Thomas Hamburger Jnr - April 2, 2007

Well, I suppose it’s nice to think that Google almost ‘had me going’ there!
Hands up anyone who has ever taken their laptop into the bathroom?!

Kind Regards


2. isthatwacked - April 2, 2007

Thanks Thomas, they had me going deep, I caught the link on Google’s main search page and by the FAQ’s I was still scratching my head until it occurred to me. “How would you pick up a fiber optic node in the sewer”. Pretty damn close to taken the laptop into the toilet right now….thanks for the comment.

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