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Chicago visited by extraterrestrial alien mother ship April 4, 2007

Posted by isthatwacked in Design, Photography - Architecture.

Chicago Bean

Photo: Bruce Marlin

Alien extraterrestrial mother ship? Not quite, it’s an interesting sculpture at Chicago’s Millennium Park. “Cloud Gate” is by British artist Anish Kapoor’s and it is his first public outdoor work. Wow, 110 tons of stainless steel, this isn’t going to fly into the air anytime soon.

Flickr Mosaic used with Tag “Chicago Bean”

Flickr Bean

1. Follow the Light, 2. Cloud Gate, 3. Cloud Gate, 4. Chicago Skyline reflection, 5. Reflections on the Bean, 6. The Bean, 7. wheres kate and cj?, 8. pretty shiny, 9. The Cloud Gate, 10. who needs a fisheye?, 11. who needs a fisheye?, 12. reflectortrait, 13. feats of strength, 14. reflectortrait, 15. The Bean, 16. Bean LIghtning., 17. Self Portrait in Bean Thingy, 18. The city lights, 19. chicago_bean, 20. The Chicago Bean, 21. The Chicago Bean II, 22. Tourists, 23. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-19-01}{SN=001}, 24. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-17-10}{SN=001}, 25. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-18-54}{SN=001}, 26. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-18-05}{SN=001}, 27. This is my success!, 28. The Glorious Bean!, 29. Bean at night, 30. leon moving, 31. Bean II, 32. Chicago Bean, 33. Birth of Insperation, 34. Bean, 35. Chicago Bean Millenium Park, 36. Untitled



1. Zep - April 4, 2007

That’s really wonderful! I’d like to have one of these pods in my garden! Nice photography!

2. isthatwacked - April 4, 2007

Yes Zep, it would look nice in my garden as well unfortunately there wouldn’t be much of a garden left. Also the neighbors would be suspicious.

3. Zep - April 5, 2007

Yes – the same applies to my yard. But I think especially the neighbors would be fun. When chatting with them, I’d suddenly would look up in the starry night and sigh. Or sometimes my wife and me would talk in a totally strange language with clicking and hissing sounds in it…
Oh, what fun we could have!

4. KushCashdotCom - April 5, 2007

Flight of the Navigator!!!

Where’s the little kid and the Pee-Wee Herman, eye robot thingy?

5. Brown Baron - April 7, 2007

I’d like to have a smaller version that would fit in my garage.

6. allen dude - May 15, 2009

this egg is cool

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