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Virgina Tech Tragedy Spawns Cyber Experts April 21, 2007

Posted by isthatwacked in Editorial.

I have a problem, well really a bitch, a gripe, complaint or whatever you want to call it with the reaction comments and opinions of many people (blogs included) in the cyberworld. Specifically my complaint is with all of those who have deputized themselves as police officers, detectives, reporters, journalists, crime scene experts, grief counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, regarding the Virginia Tech tragedy. I will also express my opinion on the reckless media outlets (who will remain nameless) who are so driven to make a buck that they will sensationalize, hypothesize and rationalize their broadcasts and writings from sun up till sun down over this tragedy. They will also do this off the backs of the victims families with total disregard for their privacy, grief and suffering they must be feeling.
I would expect the expert analysis of this event to be left to just those people, the experts, who will be able to piece together the unfortunate string of actions that lead to the horrific outcome. There are many things that can be learned from this event but it is not to be self taught. What everyone has to realize is that the Internet is a great equalizer. The thoughts and opinions of individuals are presented in the same flat manner as those of the experts. A search of this subject delivers just as many blogs posts as it does news articles.

There seems to be this drive to be part of the collective, to add to and be caught up in the story as it unfolds since this is what technology can do for us, from cell phone videos to profiles on MySpace. There is a time to switch it off and step back and try to re-connect with reality and not get caught up in this flood of snapshots of information that is to overwhelming to piece together. Leave this to the journalist whose job it is to do exactly that piece the facts together, unfortunately there seems to be many lessons for the “establishment” news community to learn, and there are on a few who are willing to step back themselves and questions what they are doing.

As you can see below I have posted a tribute to the Virginia Tech tragedy and have done it only once. As a note of remembrance it includes images from students who were there and that were affected by it, thats all.



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