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Gods Rocks with this MP3 player June 19, 2007

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The Saint B Cross MP3 player from MANWORKS Design offers form and function for all those Christian rockers out there.

I heard the Pope had a Nano but I think this one would be more appropriate.


Daniel Liebskind – ROM Redesign May 22, 2007

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3_ROM_Crystal_9115_square, originally uploaded by wvs.

Great shot from fellow Toronto resident Sam J. from Flickr. This is the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal designed by Daniel Liebskind. It is set to open in June.

Multitouch Interaction – Throw Away the Keyboard April 19, 2007

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This great keynote at TED from Jeff Han, consulting research scientist for NYU’s Department of Computer Science, shows a great new way of interacting with technology. This breakthrough touch screen offer many possibilities when it comes to our interaction and interface with computers……throw away you keyboards and stretch those fingers.

Chicago visited by extraterrestrial alien mother ship April 4, 2007

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Chicago Bean

Photo: Bruce Marlin

Alien extraterrestrial mother ship? Not quite, it’s an interesting sculpture at Chicago’s Millennium Park. “Cloud Gate” is by British artist Anish Kapoor’s and it is his first public outdoor work. Wow, 110 tons of stainless steel, this isn’t going to fly into the air anytime soon.

Flickr Mosaic used with Tag “Chicago Bean”

Flickr Bean

1. Follow the Light, 2. Cloud Gate, 3. Cloud Gate, 4. Chicago Skyline reflection, 5. Reflections on the Bean, 6. The Bean, 7. wheres kate and cj?, 8. pretty shiny, 9. The Cloud Gate, 10. who needs a fisheye?, 11. who needs a fisheye?, 12. reflectortrait, 13. feats of strength, 14. reflectortrait, 15. The Bean, 16. Bean LIghtning., 17. Self Portrait in Bean Thingy, 18. The city lights, 19. chicago_bean, 20. The Chicago Bean, 21. The Chicago Bean II, 22. Tourists, 23. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-19-01}{SN=001}, 24. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-17-10}{SN=001}, 25. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-18-54}{SN=001}, 26. {DT=2006-12-01 @18-18-05}{SN=001}, 27. This is my success!, 28. The Glorious Bean!, 29. Bean at night, 30. leon moving, 31. Bean II, 32. Chicago Bean, 33. Birth of Insperation, 34. Bean, 35. Chicago Bean Millenium Park, 36. Untitled

What does a Floor Cleaner and a Porsche have in common? March 28, 2007

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They are both winners of the red dot design awards in the category vehicles of all kinds

Red dot does a great job reviewing all aspects of design from printed communication to industrial and consumer products.

The ‘red dot design awards’ are handed out by competent expert juries in the fields of product design, communication design, and design concepts.

They also have design museums in Singapore and Germany.

If your a fan of quality design you will enjoy this site.

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Great Photoshop Resource – Brushes and Textures March 26, 2007

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We what can I say, Photoshop is the benchmark for graphic and image design work. I always hunt for some great PS resources on the net and came across a few here: Appendixsquared.com

Some Photoshop release history is below. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Photoshop Release History

The History of PhotoshopComputer Arts another nice U.K. webzine

.net – A nice online magazine offering from the U.K. March 26, 2007

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.net offers up design, tech news, development articles and tutorials in a compact package that’s easy to navigate and light on the eyes.

From Javascript to Photoshop Tutorials to net Culture it has pretty much all you need for a good read.

Check out the Firefox extension article!

Latest issue 161 is available on new-stands. (Try you local international bookstore)

Teenage Nation – I never had this when I was 17 March 21, 2007

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name of design : wave chaise
design by : roberta rammê from brazil
Imagine a furniture to wear… then dress it with an innovator design, intense colors, ergonomics and technology appeal. Like in fashion, the point is to unify beauty, comfort, and functionality. Whether your desire is to watch TV or DVD, listen to your favorite CD, read, talk on the phone, or even study, take a nap or browse the internet, you got it close, in a multifunctional chaise-longue. This concept is inspired by the values and personality of a today’s teenager and the standards generated by a global hi-tech culture of facilities, where the access to technology is cheap and easy.

clipped from www.designboom.com


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